About Freya the First Aider Book for Kids

Freya is a character who came to life in the Whitsundays in regional North Queensland. The idea of Freya the First Aider was developed by local resident Liam Shields. Liam has been an Emergency Response Trainer and Advanced Care Paramedic for over 20 years.

The idea of a children’s book on first aid started to emerge when Liam attended incidents involving children where basic first aid could have resulted in better outcomes for those involved. This idea came from his belief that everyone, even children, can help save a life if they were taught simple first aid. Such basic concepts as:

If it’s cut – cover it
If it’s squirting – press on it
If it’s broken – keep it still

These beliefs were further consolidated during training one day on Hamilton Island. He thought back over many of the scenes he had attended where education in first aid could have made a difference to those involved.

Liam started to ask himself some questions.
Do we make first aid courses too complex and forget the basic principles?
Should simplified first aid be taught in schools from a young age?
Should all parents make sure all families become proficient in introductory first aid?

He knew the answer to these questions was definitely yes, so he decided to do something about it and write not only a book, but develop the character Freya. Liam knew from experience that the best form of teaching is by story-telling. Kids love stories and so do adults. Liam’s stories have now come to life through Freya.

Freya is an amazing character who engages children and adults in learning first aid via real life scenarios. Learning what to do when you are confronted with an emergency is daunting for anyone. Freya takes you on a journey while teaching you the knowledge to help save someone’s life, with very basic and easy to remember principles that anyone can recall.

The stunning illustrations are designed to increase visual recall of the scenes such as Freya applying pressure to a bleed or keeping the person still if bitten by a snake.

Although Freya as the character is designed to relate to children, all age groups can learn from and enjoy Freya the First Aider. There are interactive sections in the book that are fun for the kids, but also provide a general safety message for all. For those who want to explore first aid in more depth, an adult reference guide is included.

We trust Freya will become a dog-eared staple on your bookshelf, read over and again so all the scenes are imprinted in your and your child’s memory to assist you or your family if faced with an emergency.

About the Creators

About Liam Shields – Author
Liam is a family man who just loves fishing. His passion in life is training diverse groups of people the skills required when confronted with an emergency, having served for more than 20 years as a paramedic and an Emergency Response Trainer. Liam was honoured with an Australia Day award for his dedication to Road Accident Rescue, training local Emergency Response Teams and having a high standard of pre-hospital emergency care for all patients.
About Dr David Farlow – Editor
David regards himself as a ‘bush doctor’ who shares Liam’s love of fishing and family. He has worked in the medical field for 31 years and has always had a close relationship with the Emergency Response Services. He has worked for many years with Liam and shares his passion in teaching. When Liam mentioned the idea of Freya the First Aider, David was immediately impressed with the potential of teaching first aid as a family affair or as part of the school curriculum. He felt privileged to partner Liam as the Editor of Freya the First Aider.

About Dan Watts – Illustrator
Dan is a freelance artist who loves storytelling and hopes this is the first of many children’s books. He currently works as a sculptor for theme parks on the Gold Coast and as a freelance illustrator. Dan is a comic book creator, writing and drawing an upcoming series ‘Bipp and Trax Intergalactic Realestate’.
Dan Watts Facebook Page
About Marie Mour – Graphic Designer and Co-Editor
Two Thirds Facebook Page

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